Easy Halloween Decor


It absolutely does not get any easier than this Halloween Owls wall hanging I made for my daughter's apartment! I had everything lying around the house, but since I'm just odd, I'll give you a break down of supplies. If one were to go buy the items listed here, I'd figure the cost to be under $5 dollars.

  1. Inexpensive 8"x10" frame.
  2. Orange textured card stock.
  3. Your favorite stamps and black ink.
  4. Owl die cuts found at The Dollar Tree.
  5. Heavy duty grosgrain ribbon - I used black.
  6. Contrasting ribbon for bow.
  7. Flat Black Flower.

I wanted the design to be simple yet Halloween dramatic so I went sparingly on the stamping as to let the owls be the stars of the show. You could go as heavy or as light as you like on the stamping and distressing, of course. Once I was happy with the page, I used E6000 Multi-Purpose glue to adhere the ribbon to the back of the frame so I'd have a nice flat hanger when it was against the wall. I used the same glue to make sure the flower and bow weren't going to go anywhere if someone brushes up against it.

The silhouettes are available in ravens, owls, spiders and bats, but since my daughter loves owls, she got this pair! It would be neat to do a frame featuring all four and hang them in a row.


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